About our Company

Good prices. Good vibes. Good things.

Our Mission

NFO aims to be one of the most important exporters and importers allover the world for fresh fruits and Vegetables , as well as we are committed to meet the following requirements and needs for our customers:-

  1. Any legal, trading, and any other business requirements.
  2.  Establishing and maintaining a brand name of excellence for all our fresh products.
  3. Producing fresh fruits and vegetables with the finest quality, safe and healthy products.
  4. Always meet the full needs and satisfactions of our customers all over the world.

Our Vision

NFO main focuses are to be the premier export and distributor of the finest quality fruit and vegetables from Egypt to all over the world in addition to the following :-

  • Supply its customers all over the world with the highest quality products that meet the EU standards and match with the regulations of the imported country.
  • Delivering the fresh fruits and vegetables within the shortest transit time to keep its real freshness and quality.
  • Always seeking the everlasting business co-operation with its customers, NFO is sharing the market conditions with its customers.
  • Complying with the EU quality assurance standards and regulations, specs, packing, pesticide control and product traceability.
  • Doing our best to get our customers fully satisfied with our products and services.
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